Big Forkin' Festival

Big Forkin' Festival

Big Forkin' Festival

A Grass Roots Music Festival in Grand Forks, ND


Attendee FAQ

So what’s the BIG Forkin’ Festival?

The festival showcases local talent from the Grand Forks / Fargo / Winnipeg area. Many attendees can enjoy catching their favorite locals during the BIG Forkin’ Festival (BFF), but the best part is being able to check out artists you may not have heard before. Unlike most music festivals, BFF doesn’t focus on a particular genre of music. Our main requirement for performers is being a working, local artist.

When is it?

The BFF is held over 2 days from April 21st and 22nd. Music goes from 7pm – midnight Friday and Saturday.  Bands play for about an hour and can plan in multiple different venues. This way the audience can walk around to explore different venues and music.

Where is it?

Various venues around beautiful downtown Grand Forks. The venues are split between all ages venues and 21+ locations.

How much is it?

Thanks to a our generous sponsors and UND Student Government, it’s FREE TO ALL TO ATTEND.

Who benefits from it?

You do! BFF is put on by a legion of volunteers and groups that want to show off and nurture a vibrant music and art scene. All money raised in going back into continuing great events.

Is there a way to get from campus to downtown?

You mean the BIG Forkin’ Bus? Yeah, we’re working on a shuttle from campus to the downtown transport hub  thanks to UND Student Government

Will it be the greatest single event of my life?

Most likely.

Band FAQ

How do I sign up to play?

Contact us and leave us a note.

Does it pay?

No, sorry. We appreciate the time and talent it takes to be a musician. We do. The goal of the BFF is to introduce local working musicians to a wider audience and build more opportunities to play. We also have some limited opportunities for bands to play more than one set.

if you have some band merch and CDs, anything you sell, you keep. We can also sell from BFF HQ and you keep everything after credit card fees and taxes. Email us at with more questions. We also want to feature bands in our social media and other marketing. We’re working on a ‘Best of the BFF’ song list and getting a people’s choice winner played on the radio.

Is it going to be awesome?

No. It’s going to be FORKIN’ AWESOME!

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